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President Message

I gratify all the pupils for makjing a choice, in order to pursue their studies for th...

Principal Message

Flowing From the Pen of the Principal

I am mighty glad to be the Principal of D.A.V. College For Girls Garhshankar. It is a matter of great honour for me to sit in the venerable chair of the Head of the institution. I deem it as the Grace of the Almighty, God. Moving on the wheel of time, destiny has brought me in contact with this Premier Educational Institution of the area. I remain indebted to Sh. V.P. Bedi, Magnanimous President of the Managing Committee for reposing faith in me and at my end I shall try my utmost to prove myself equal to the task.

It will be my endeavour to maintain perfect discipline in the campus with the help, support and co-operation of the erudite members of staff. I understand it very well that discipline in the backbone of student life. I shall make ceaseless and continuous efforts to raise and uplift the academic standards. The institution is really fortunate to have a good team of capable, learned, dedicated and devoted teachers.

21st century is an age of all – rounders and nobody cares for mere book worms. I shall motivate the young learners of the college to take part in sports, cultural and literary activities along with their studies. It will be my sole objective to lay stress on personality development of the students. In order to do so, the budding scholars must improve their communication skills. The focus of the college will be to improve the spoken English of the students and updated their subject as well as General Knowledge. We stand resolved and committed to make the young learners responsible citizens of the Nation. We know that they are the prospective custodians and architects of the country and the responsibility of building an ideal society rests on their strong shoulders.

D.A.V. College For Girls Garhshankar is doing a yeoman’s service to the society in the field of education and studies. The significant feature of the college is that it is lightly the lamp of knowledge in the rural area and still the more momentous aspect is that this Alone Mater is providing education to the girls which is the vital, imperative need of the hour since it is pertinently said that if you educate a man, you educate an individual but if you educate a woman, you educate the entire family. The institution is touching the misty heights of the sky in the field of education due to the visionary guidance of Sh. V.P. Bedi, Esteemed President of the Managing Committee. We are proud to say that this institution has produced a rich harvest of students years in and years out by the Divine Grace. As Principal of the college, I assure all our benefactors and well wishers that we shall not sit in rest till we see the indelible letters of our institution written in the dizzy heights of the zenith. We cherish to pursue our goals quite earnestly, candidly and pragmatically in the name of God. Sky or even beyond is limit for us.

 Thank you all !

Dr.(Mrs.) Kanwalinder Kaur